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Yarema Sports Management is a self contained sports management agency. From training our clients in preparation to pre draft workouts to negotiating their contracts and planning their financial future, our mission lies in building and cultivating meaningful and lasting relations with our clients. As we undertake the exciting journey through professional hockey, junior hockey and developmental hockey together, we aspire to become true confidants, devoted advocates and most importantly, loyal friends to all our members of our client family. 

Once a player commits to Yarema Sports, they are immediately part of our Yarema Hockey Family. Our Yarema Sports representatives are strategically located throughout North America and Europe and are with them every step of the way to answer any questions both on and off the ice and to assist them in reaching their ultimate goals. Yarema Sports prides itself in assisting its advisees and clients in creating development plans so that each client can reach their true potential.  

We specialize in developing relations with players, families, hockey clubs and  in order to create the best possible opportunities for our clients. We strive to represent our clients the right way through our commitment to integrity, honesty, respect and hard work. 

Yarema Sports not only represents professional players but we also serve as a trusted family advisor for elite young players from around the world. We are selective on who we work with as we want to ensure that each of our players get the personal guidance and attention that is critical to their career.

We also guide and assist our amateur players and their families in the process of wether they should pursue major junior hockey or NCAA hockey