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Yarema Sports Management services to our clients include:

Contract negotiations 

NHL Draft preparation 

CHL Draft preparation

North American & European placement

Immigration assistance 

NCAA Family Advisor

Free Agent camps/Showcases

Marketing and promotional opportunities


  • Knowing what teams want in players from season to season and week to week.

  • What are the realistic opportunities.

  • Who are the real development teams.

  • How to survive when there are no guaranteed contracts below the AHL.

  • What are the salary and benefit ranges.

  • Is Europe a possibility for me.


Considering playing in Europe? Contact us for our free information guide on pay scales in Europe in different leagues and what level in North America, European teams prefer to bring over.

NCAA (Family Advisor):

The Family Advisor essentially performs similar duties as an agent, but due to very strict NCAA regulations preventing a student-athlete from having an agent, the “Family Advisor” term is used so the student-athlete can keep his options open. A Family Advisor must be paid for his time and services and they are prohibited from being rewarded for securing a scholarship. 

  • Young athletes, referred to as “prospective student-athletes” (PSA), are not permitted to have agents who market their hockey skills or negotiate with professional teams on their   behalf. The definition of a professional team includes major junior teams (NCAA bylaw

  • PSA may not have written or oral agreements with agents. This includes agreements for future representation.

  • Family members of PSA's are not permitted to have written or oral agreements with agents.

  • PSA's are not permitted to accept benefits from agents, such as money, meals, clothing, hockey equipment, or other things of value.

  • PSA's and their families are permitted to have advisors to offer guidance and advice, so long as that advisor does not market his or her client’s hockey skills or negotiate with professional teams on behalf of the client.

  • If a PSA's or his/her family uses the services of an advisor, he must compensate that advisor in an amount equal to the services provided. A modest annual fee is recommended.

Here are some resource links that we strongly urge you to read:



  • Checklist for college bound students.

​        ​http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/EB13.pdf